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Sport-for-all training center

The center offers opportunities for wholesome leisure activities and various sport-for-all programs to local residents, to help raise the level of cultural life and health and establish sport-for-all in the local community

Program Content
Sport for All Programs Swimming, aquarobic, spinning Healthy, stress-relieving leisure activities for all residents from children to the senior citizens
Aerobics, yoga Continuous program to help adults improve physical fitness and health
Health, gx Comprehensive physical activity program accompanied by exercise prescription
Special program for school vacations Wholesome and healthy leisure activities during school vacations and instruction to respond to safety-related accidents
Commissioned Education Teachers’ job training Teachers’ training in fitness and professional skills, offered in association with the provincial office of education and Danjae Education Training Institute
Teachers’ safety training Teachers training in preventing and responding to safety-related accidents, offered in association with the provincial office of education
Senior Exercise Exercise suited to fitness and emotional health of the elderly, to promote health of local senior citizens in association with the local government
Support project Free swimming lessons Free swimming lessons for senior citizens, disabled people, youth breadwinners, and children of low-income family
Housewife Yutnori Game Yutnori game to promote friendship and community participation of local residents
Senior culture festival Festival inviting isolated, underprivileged senior citizens to promote respect for the elderly
Sport-for-all swimming competition Opportunity for members to show their competitiveness in swimming


  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8373, 210-8255