Course informations
  • Credentials : Diploma(Associate Degree)
  • Course Duration : 2 years (4 semesters), full-time
  • Intake Months : in March
Admission requirements
  • A person who graduated high school and TOPIK level 3
  • A person who graduated high school and TOPIK level 2 ; more than 300 hours of Korean language training for 1 year after admission to the school.

Field of Study

  • Social Work, Nursery Education


  • Social welfare

Conducted entirely in Korea

  • Yes


  • Republic of Korea

Tuition Fees

  • 3,000USD/Semester (Total 12,000USD)
Course Description
  • The course provides 2-year college degree program in social work area which includes the generalist coursework as well as field assignments or field practice. The students prepare for careers in social work and nursery education in each semester.
  • The department offers two challenging certification tracks for social workers and nursery teachers.
    • Social workers as a diverse helping profession
    • Nursery teachers as a preschool education profession.
Department of Social Welfare photo
Department ofSocial Welfare photo
Department of Social Welfare photo
Working Area
  • Social worker in social welfare center, rehabilitation guardianship agency, volunteer work center, domiciliary care center, senior welfare center, elderly daycare center, domiciliary senior welfare center, local child welfare center, immigrant women support center, multicultural family support center.
  • Nursery teacher, after-school teacher, elementary school children caregiver, Nuri-program assistant teacher.
  • Social work civil servant, medical social worker, school social worker.