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Establishing and operating a Korean language institute

  • The establishment of a branch of the Korean language institute in Southeast Asian countries.
    • Completion of the 1st establishment : Philippine Clock Branch (2016.10.8)
    • Established two places : the Capals Branch of the Philippines (2017.6), the Ho Chi Minh City Hall (2017.12)
    • Additional Implementation of 2nd Place in 2018
  • Associate Student Training Center, Overseas Student Studies, and Language Training Through Collaborative Campus Connecting to Korean Language Institute
  • Local enterprises join local companies in connection with local enterprises
Procedures for the Operation of Korean Language Academy
Korean Language institute Operationg procedure

Academy of Foreign Languages Support system

  • A study on the Curriculum of Korean anguage Course in the Year of the Korean Studies
  • An introduction to Korean language, Phonology,Grammar, Other sentence, etc.
  • General Language, Applied Language, Korean Language, Korean Language, etc.
  • Practice of learnig Korean (attending classes, conductiong training sessions, simulating mock classes, etc.)
  • A language interpreter
  • Student studying abroad
    (a reqular course)

Internationalization strengthening of ability

  • Target country : Philippines, Vietnam, Japan
  • Local Korean Company
  • Korea Job placement
  • After opening a Korean language course at a foreign exchange exchange and completing a schedule, the institute entered the Korean Academy of Education for the Academy of Korean Studies.
  • Foreign students enrolled in the Korean Academy of Korean Studies have completed a special course for completing Korean language courses and a special process for TOPIK (TOPIC)
  • Excellent student exchange in exchange for foreign exchange students is transferred to this course and other employees are encouraged to work as a signatory to each other as a signatory to the Framework Convention on Teaching Schools.
  • Language training courses and student education courses
    Sortation Training period and content relative height
    The period of classes 6 months, 12 months Philippines, Vietnam, Japan
    Instructional subjects - Listening·speaking·Writing·Reading Four area integration ability subject
    - A Study on the Korean Language Using Four Criteria for Going to College
    Teaching materials Korean Language Level 1 to 6 Rank Qualified Class Scripture Level Class distribution classes
  • Korean Language Academy Language Academy Curriculum
    Sortation Training period and content relative height
    Korean language institute(Language Academy) Korean communicative competence
    (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Write) Learning - Class of lesson : 15 weeks
    - School schedule : Monday through Friday (5 days)
    - school hour : Speaking (2H), Listening (2 H), Read (1 H), Writes (1 H)
    - Number of people : 15 or fewer.
    Philippines, Vietnam, Japan
  • A Study on the Operation of Korean Language Academy
    • Public relations with various media and offline media and public relations facilities through various kinds of media and offline media
    • Operate customized education management systems that meet the level of 1:1 classes, such as various groups, individuals, and semesters, with 1:1 counseling
    • Personalized education tailored to improve language exchange with Koreans, conduct cultural experience and improve skills
    • Various types of classes are conducted with Korean language instructors to prepare for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
    • A study on the establishment of a foreign student management system in order for foreign students to study abroad in order to achieve a successful international study and to conduct a study of students studying abroad and studying abroad.
    • Reinforcement of collaboration with overseas institutions to support collaboration and overseas activities of professors
    • Establishing and training the manpower supply plan catering to the needs of local businesses
  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8536, 210-8537