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Industry-Academy Cooperation Center

The Industry-Academy Cooperation Group aims at building an industry-academy cooperation system and activating mutual cooperation businesses by utilizing excellent research personnel, advanced research equipment and experimental equipment of the university in order to realize ‘creativity, character, and service’, the educational goal of the university.

Major projects
  • Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program
    Consortium aiming to help small and medium business employees develop professional competence, by sponsoring relevant costs
  • Work-Study Dual Training Center
    Program that allows new recruits at SMBs to study and work at the same time through NCS-based qualification programs and field and out-of-field trainings
  • Business Incubation
    Program aiming to discover technology-intensive businesses based on industry-academy joint research, technical support, and industry -academy - research – government cooperation, and support startup education and clubs
  • Industry-academy joint research
    Share human and material infrastructure for industrial and academic technology development and support research activities to reinforce business competitiveness
Research Institutes and Centers
  • Chungbuk Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training
    Develop and offer educational programs for learning workers and general workers at family businesses to improve professional abilities
  • Health and Environment Research Center
    Support industry-academy joint development, commercialization, evaluation, and analysis of new technologies for biomedical materials, electronic medical equipment, and medical information
  • Bio Medical Research Center
    Support for development and commercialization of gene therapy technology and medicine, and for GMP curriculum for bio-industry employees and students
  • Business incubation Center
    Support incubating of prospective or new startups (space, technological development, management consulting, commercialization, marketing, intellectual property right, etc.)
  • Automotive technical training Center
    Provide field-oriented training for automotive maintenance workers and students
  • SMB Industry-Academy Center
    Support for technology development by university and research institutions and link to relevant professional infrastructure and organizations to help small and medium businesses resolve technical problems
  • Safety and Healthy Center
    Improve national awareness related to safety and health, and practical prevention and safety management skills of young professionals


  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8373, 210-8255