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Youth Training Centers

Playground + cultural place + resting place + place to meet for the youth in Cheongju

  • Youth Management Committee
    Propose youths’ autonomous and voluntary opinions and policy ideas.
  • Free semester system for middle schools
    Registered as a career experience support network (Kkumgil), the organization offers career exploration and planning programs customized for students needs through school (student) matching.
  • Career volunteer club union Wi-Fi
    Offer education, experience, and volunteer activities, focused on career and vocational experiences.
  • Youth after-school academy
    Offer integrated programs including cognitive training, leisure activities, personality education, etc. for youths of low-income or working parents families (to reduce gaps between social classes through various welfare services, following the 5-schoolday/week system)
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award
    Help the youth aged between 14 and 25 regularly practice four selected areas (self-development, physical training, volunteer work, adventure activities) and promote healthy self-growth
  • Patriotism Promotion Program
    Patriotism promotion program selected by Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs, providing lectures on historical patriots and field trip to historical sites where participants engage in volunteer cleaning activity.
  • Support for youth with disabilities
    Step-by-step sociability improvement program (for youths with disabilities to develop sociability and independence based on external resources).


  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8373, 210-8255