About CHSU


Chungbuk Health & Science

A prestigious university to lead vocational education focused on practical work.

Chungbuk Health & Science University has produced over 33,000 alumni during 27years since the opening of University and under the cooperation with local community, been developed as renowned and the best vocational and technical education institution in the central region.

Under the vision of becoming the top university in employment and startup through the training of creative and professional talents, to achieve educational goals of Creativity·Character·Service and to train customized talents fit to local strategic industry, CHSU has provided curriculum based on convergence, employment competency certification system, lifetime warranted job education and has produced field-specific working. all of our staffs work hard together to realize 'a well-educated university, a well-employed university'.

This university was renamed to CHSU in the 20th anniversary of its foundation and has been specialized in health & medical and scientific & technological fields. Then, nursing department was certified as a 4-year program. Also, the university have proceeded the major intensified course for a bachelor degree and been conferred a bachelor degree to specialization departments.

Also, In the announcement of Ministry of Education, CHSU has constantly maintained its top rank in graduate employment rate among vocational colleges in Daejeon and Chungcheong region. Because of being selected as top rank in other college-related index, CHSU was assigned as an autonomous improvement university in the evaluation of University Basic Capability Assessment, as a Leading university of social specific Industrial-academic Cooperation(LINC+) and as a excellent university of Ministry of Education. As shown in the results, CHSU is becoming a prestigious vocational education university, equipped with internal stability of Education.

My university will not stop working hard until the day when it stands as a "prestigious vocational education university" and we will train students with high-quality vocational skills who are essential to the nation and the community. Also, I kindly ask you to see CHSU with extraordinary affection and concern to actively respond to rapidly changing world and to open the age of new development and leap forward and hope to get your constant support and encouragement

President of Chungbuk Health & Science University
Park Yong-Seok