A course in Korean language training
  • 1) Language learning programs to acquire Korean language at the university's Korean language institute as a foreign or foreign national
    2) A person who graduated from high school
  • Course Guide
    The Korean language courses are divided into regular courses (Visa D-4) and special courses (Visa C-3), and the regular courses are operated in the same way as the academic year schedules of the school. The special course is run on a short term three-month basis.
    Korean language Courses
    Semester Application Acceptance Notice Tuition Payment Application & Acquisition of Visa Entry
    1st Sem. in November in December in December in Dec. ~ in Jan. by Feb. 25
    2nd Sem. in February in March in March in Mar. ~ in Apl. by May. 25
    3rd Sem. in May in June in June in Jun. ~ in Jul. by Aug. 25
    4th Sem. in August in September in September in Sep. ~ in Oct. by Nov. 25