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Life-long Education Centers

Life is pleasant because there is a dream. We support your lifelong dream. Lifelong Education Institute implements various professional lifelong education programs through professional human/material support of the university, establishes lifelong learning systems for people in the community, and makes efforts to contribute to welfare and the quality of life of the community.

  • Credit Bank System
    A system that allows people with a high school diploma to obtain a degree without going to an official college/university.
  • Adult education
    Offer various programs to fulfill educational needs of local residents.
  • Personalized education
    Offer personalized vocational education to help industrial professionals to improve job skills, and programs linked to teachers’ job training.
  • Private certification
    Organized by CHSU, the certification program has been certified regarding its criteria, subjects, and qualification, by the government.


  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8373, 210-8255