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Natural Learning Park

Natural Learning Park fulfills its role as a happiness support center for Chungbuk residents and youths, as a learning park that promotes mental and psychological healing of the youths, helping youths grow their dreams and talents, and sharing happiness with the local community.

  • Healing learning center to heal the mind of the youths
    Through various specialized programs and facilities as well as beautiful nature, the center support the youths in growing as wholesome and happy people by sharing friendship, care, and passion with other youths.
  • Dreaming learning center to help develop dreams and talents of the youths
    The center offers opportunities for the youths to develop determination and hope through training activities.
  • Sharing learning center to share happiness with the local community
    The center offers integrated training activities using the history and culture of the college and region, to create a happy community where the youths and older generation communicate with each other.
Program Content
School group trainings 3-day camp for school groups, focusing on environment, humanity, and happiness
Youth leadership camp 2-day leadership camp for student leaders
Social adaptation training camp for people with disabilities Social adaptation training camp for people with developmental disorders
Visiting Youth Training activities Visiting environmental education for the youths
Youth volunteer group ‘Hanwul’ Hanwul is a youth volunteer group
Dementia prevention course Dementia prevention course for the senior citizens in Chungbuk, regarding rehabilitation, and fall and dementia prevention
The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (exploration activities)
Youth Green Academy Youth environmental education program for elementary and middle school students
Children ecology explorers Ecology exploration program for lower-grade elementary school students
Youth safety education camp At the camp, youths learn how to respond to disaster and emergency sitautions
Happy Family Camp Aiming to increase happiness among family members based on environmental education and group activities
Youths career camp Career camp for school groups and general youths to help them discover their dreams and plan for future care
Support free semester system Support free semester system
Environmental education for residents Environmental education for Chungbuk residents
Support for educating college volunteers (environment instructors) Environmental education program for college students
(Nuri program) Experience the forest classroom Forest experience and environmental education for children
Support for multicultural youths Environment and humanity education program for multicult


  • Responsible department : International Affairs Division
  • Tel : 043) 210-8373, 210-8255